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Auckland Spanish Meetings and Events

Auckland Spanish Community Meetings and events are held at the Hispanic Club, Auckland largest Spanish School and community.

Our Auckland Spanish meetings are for Latinos, Spaniards and Kiwis interested in speaking and learning spanish and making new friends in a friendly and fun environment.

Auckland Spanish Meetings and events are held at the Hispanic Club, Auckland's largest Spanish School and community. Our Auckland Spanish meetings are for Latinos, Spaniards and Kiwis interested in speaking and learning spanish and making new friends in a friendly and Latin American Atmosphere.

Spanish Markets - (Fridays 6-9pm)

The Spanish Market is Auckland's only Market selling Spanish cuisine, ingrediants and Artisan products. At the Spanish Market you can buy and try a large selection of typical Spanish foods and products at affordable prices.

Spanish Stalls

The Spanish Market has a wide selection of stalls selling Paella, Churros, Calasparra rice, Chorizos, Paella Pans, Spanish Artisan Breads, Tapas, Tortilla Espanola, Spanish beer and wines, Empanadas, Spanish books and loads more.


The Spanish Market is at the Hispanic Club situated at the Premier Building on the corner of 2 Durham St East and 184 Queen St in central Auckland. The Hispanic Club has its very own hall and bar making it an ideal location.

Website: http://www.spanishmarket.co.nz

Spanish Film Festival (18 January - 1 February)

For Auckland's first annual film festival we've handpicked some of the best comedies, dramas and thrillers from Spain and Argentina. In putting together this year's line-up, the festival team have selected a variety of classic award winning films. But the fiesta feeling doesn't end with our screenings, come and celebrate fantastic Spanish cinema and spanish cuisine with the Casa Espana!

All films are shown in Spanish with english subtitles.

El Metodo (2005) - Friday 18 January 9pm

The story tells of seven people that have been selected among several applicants for one final round to determine who will get an enviable, executive position for a mysterious corporation. The seven applicants are submitted to a series of psychological tests - known as the "Grönholm Method" - that starts eliminating the applicants one by one. It is warned at the beginning that one of the seven people is an employee of the corporation posing as an applicant to evaluate the others. As the applicants are discarded, the race for the position becomes more tense and sinister. In the end the "mole" will be revealed and only one of them will get the desired position.

Awards: 10 wins & 12 nominations & IMDB Rating: 7.5/10

La Educacion de las hadas (2006) - Friday 25 January 9pm

La Educacion tells the story of Nicolas,(Ricardo Darin) who falls in love with two people, Ingrid (Irene Jacob) and her seven years old son Raul.

All of them have hidden secrets and wounds that will appear in the process of knowing each other.

This could have been a melodramatic movie if not were for the light touches which are the trademark of the director, and for the magical underlines that surrounds the narration.

Awards: 1 win & 3 nominations & IMDB Rating: 6.2/10

ROMA (2005) - Friday 1 February 9pm

When journalist Manuel Cueto is hired to type novelist Joaquín Góñez's last book, his presence provokes an avalanche of feelings that bring Joaquín to the edge of emotions and memories that had lain dormant in the solitude of the last stages of his creative life. Accustomed to years of loneliness, Joaquín finds in the young journalist a bridge to the forgotten years of his outh in Buenos Aires. It is to his mother Roma to whom Joaquín owes his free, bohemian spirit and the aspirations shared with her in the shadow of the memory of his father will awaken in Joaquín the desire and the impatience to recover all he had, so far, believed lost.

Awards: 10 wins & 12 nominations& IMDB Rating: 7.8/10

Price: $15 includes a dinner of Paella, Tortilla Espanola accompanied with an Estrella Damm Cerveza or Vino Tinto.

Booking: Book and pay online at http://www.latinrhythm.co.nz/contact/onlinebooking.php , from the drop down menus select events, and choose your movie and amount of places...

Event Locations and Booking

Venue: Latin Rhythm Dance School, Level 3, Premier Building, 2 Durham St East


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